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Welcome! is an apostolate of Familia Victricis, an Association of the Faithful with an artistic charism, which seeks to equip parish musicians with the theological understandings and musical tools necessary to effectively foster Eucharistic devotion and the full participation of the Faithful in the Catholic Mass.




We host workshop retreats to impart these critical but accessible skills to amateur/volunteer parish musicians in the beautiful setting of our visitor's house in Santa Fe, New Mexico--the cradle of Catholicism in the United States.


To begin planning your visit, or to invite us to bring a workshop to your parish, it's easy to get in touch.  Click here.

Please continue to follow this area of the website.


We will post here a variety of multimedia resources of value to workshop participants and others interested in the meaningful role of music at Mass.

Please read our discussion of the

language of liturgical music HERE.

We will be particularly excited to introduce downloadable versions of a new Mass setting for your use, embodying the principles of Eucharistic reverence through musical expression on which the workshops are founded.

This Mass setting will be "expandable and collapsible" in its complexity, dependent on the instrumentation and abilities available to your choir at any given time.  However, even in its simplest version, the aim of the setting is to constantly maintain its physical, emotional, and intellectual congruity with the astounding truths contained in the unfolding of the Mass.

Workshop participants aren't required to use this setting on their return to their parish.  They themselves will own the skills to ensure the music they do select and the manner of their playing and singing accomplish the same, thus,with God's help, working to renew and re-awaken the awe of participation in the Mass, parish by parish!

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