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Welcome! is an apostolate of Familia Victricis, an Association of the Faithful with an artistic charism, which seeks to equip parish musicians with the theological understandings and musical tools necessary to effectively foster Eucharistic devotion and the full participation of the Faithful in the Catholic Mass.




We host workshop retreats to impart these critical but accessible skills to amateur/volunteer parish musicians in the beautiful setting of our visitor's house in Santa Fe, New Mexico--the cradle of Catholicism in the United States.


To begin planning your visit, or to invite us to bring a workshop to your parish, it's easy to get in touch.  Click here.

About Us

Wlcome friends!  Familia Victricis (FV) is an Association of the Faithful in the stage of preparation with the aim of the establishment of a Society of Apostolic life in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe in accordance with Can. 731-755.

Now that the Canonical legalese is out of the way, who are we and what do we do?  You can view our Principles of Foundation here.  In short, we seek to console the Hearts of Jesus and Mary through a charism rooted in prayer with two external expressions--cultural evangelization through the arts, and humanitarian service to children most in need (especially immigrants, refugees, and those at risk for human trafficking).

You can learn more about our principle human rights project by clicking here, and the main website for our emerging society is available here.

We are deeply connected to the rich cultural history of Catholicism in Santa Fe and exist under the patronage of Our Lady, La Conquistadora.






About the Workshop Leader

AnnaMaria Cardinalli is a well-known international concert artist, and possesses a Ph.D. in Theology from Notre Dame with an area concentration in Liturgical Studies.  Her unique combination of passions allows her to synthesize and distill a theological understanding of the Mass with the techniques and philosophies at play in communicating these truths through music.

She's also a fun, highly practical instructor who will help you implement new and easily accessible musical skills that will bring fresh light to your role as a parish musician and might even help you deepen your own devotional life through your music.

AnnaMaria, or "CC" as students and friends call her, is certainly one of our most colorful members, and you might be familiar with her either through her musical performances on EWTN or through her military and other exploits. 

A Wikipedia page is available here, and a page featuring her music, prior to her entering FV (which explains a few of the outfits) is available here.  A number of her EWTN performances through the years link here, and she blogs at

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