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Welcome! is an apostolate of Familia Victricis, an Association of the Faithful with an artistic charism, which seeks to equip parish musicians with the theological understandings and musical tools necessary to effectively foster Eucharistic devotion and the full participation of the Faithful in the Catholic Mass.




We host workshop retreats to impart these critical but accessible skills to amateur/volunteer parish musicians in the beautiful setting of our visitor's house in Santa Fe, New Mexico--the cradle of Catholicism in the United States.


To begin planning your visit, or to invite us to bring a workshop to your parish, it's easy to get in touch.  Click here.


May God reward you beyond all your imaginings for your interest in serving Him more fully

in His Eucharistic Presence

with your unique gifts as a musician!

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Get in Touch

Reach out to discuss the needs of your parish or group and the possibility of a visit to Santa Fe.  If Santa Fe is too far for you, we can also offer lectures or workshops at your location.  Use the form below, email, or contact Giovanna by phone at (505) 490-2775.






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