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Welcome! is an apostolate of Familia Victricis, an Association of the Faithful with an artistic charism, which seeks to equip parish musicians with the theological understandings and musical tools necessary to effectively foster Eucharistic devotion and the full participation of the Faithful in the Catholic Mass.




We host workshop retreats to impart these critical but accessible skills to amateur/volunteer parish musicians in the beautiful setting of our visitors' house in Santa Fe, New Mexico--the cradle of Catholicism in the United States.


To begin planning your visit, or to invite us to bring a workshop to your parish, it's easy to get in touch.  Click here.

Do you truly appreciate the vital importance of your role as a parish musician?

In the course of any day, no event ever occurs which is more critical to the fate of the world than the Catholic Mass—the occasion at which Christ becomes truly and physically present in the Eucharist.  If you are a parish musician, does the music you offer serve to communicate this reality to the person in the pew?  To the world at large?


To use the powerfully influential emotional and visceral language of music to "speak" this truth is the awesome responsibility of your calling!

The Holy Father States:


"Your music and your song are a true instrument of evangelization insofar as you witness to the profoundness of the Word of God that touches the hearts of the people, and allow the celebration of the sacraments, especially of the Holy Eucharist, which makes one sense the beauty of paradise."


"At times, a certain mediocrity, superficiality and banality have prevailed to the detriment of the beauty and intensity of the liturgical celebrations... [hindering the faithful from] perceiving the mystery of God and participating in it with all the senses, both physical and spiritual." 

                                          Pope Francis

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